Band’s spiritual father and bassist Kostas Domenikiotis composes having into his mind complete songs from start to finish. You will realize this if you take a close listening on each composition. You will notice how smoothly the song parts are combined together, each song: a complete little musical vision that is able to make you want to press the play button again and again. Fun fact: Yes! The very first time I heard the album I faced the “difficulty” described bellow: I was listening to some particular tunes and I was finding myself going back to the particular tunes, pressing the play button to listen them again and again before I would finally move forward to the next tune. Is it love at first sight? No it is love at first hearing!


Out: March 8th 2024.Melodic Metal pioneers STAR.GATE are back with their sixth full length album entitled “Escaping The Illusion”


Melodic Metal pioneers STAR.GATE are back with their sixth full length album entitled "Escaping The Illusion" (SGR CD-074). Α monumental release that highlights the brilliant level of songwriting and musicianship of the band. A universe of dreamy melodies delivered through an epic soundscape of neoclassical magic.  This is not an illusion. This is real music for the soul.

Track listing:

1. Hiding All The Tears

2. The Deepest Sea

3. Lonely Queen

4. Life Is An Illusion

5. Wounded Soul

6. I Am Here

7. The Enemy Inside

8. Outcast


9. Christmas Night (Acoustic Version)

10. Life Is An Illusion (Acoustic Version)

11. Formless Flame (Bass Solo)

12. The Field Of Oneness (Bass Solo)

performing with one hand (right hand tapping)

13. Crystal Blades (Bass Solo)


Kostas Domenikiotis: Bass
Sakis Bandis: Keyboards
Manos Fatsis: Lead and Backing Vocals
Anthimos Manti: Guitars
Stergios Kourou: Special Guest, all the drum work


Music composed by Kostas Domenikiotis
Lyrics written by Helen Roumpi/Kostas Domenikiotis
except tracks 5 & 6 by Helen Roumpi/Kostas Domenikiotis/Manos Fatsis


Music arranged by Kostas Domenikiotis & Sakis Bandis
except track 9 Music arranged by Anthimos Manti
and track 10 Music arranged by Manos Fatsis


Mixed & Mastered by Kostas Scandalis at Infinity Studio, Thessaloniki 2023
Artwork by Chris Karietis
Layout/Photo by Kostas Athanasoglou

Stargate (Steel Gallery Records, 2004) Reborn (Steel Gallery Records, 2013) Longing For Light (Steel Gallery Records, 2016) The Dream (Steel Gallery Records, 2019) Unbroken Diamond (Steel Gallery Records, 2021) Escaping The Illusion (Steel Gallery Records, 2024)

Unbroken Diamond
Unbroken Diamond
A real shining diamond, that highlights an outstanding mixture of melody and power, under a brand new line up featuring Kostas Domenikiotis on bass, Vassilis Papadopoulos (ex-KONAN) on vocals, Anthimos Manti on guitars, Sakis Bandis (HORIZON’S END) on keyboards and Stergios Kourou (HORIZON’S END, WARDRUM) on drums.

The Dream
The Dream
The Dream The band presents the perfect combination of Melodic and Neoclassical Metal through an amazing release. Almost 40 minutes of amazing compositions based on first class, real song writing. Expect no fillers in this one, just songs that will stick in your mind forever. The band brings to the foreground a new amazing line up featuring Kostas Domenikiotis on bass, Anthemm Manti on guitars, Sakis Bandis on keyboards, Stergios Kourou on drums and John Jeff Touch on vocals, so you should expect only amazing performances on excellent songs. This is an absolute must for fans of Royal Hunt, Rising Force, Magnum, Ten and Talisman. For sure one of the most catchy Metal records you will have the chance to hear lately!

Longing Light
Longing for Light
"Longing For Light" Amazing compositions, melody and passion and absolutely NO fillers in this one! New line featuring the legendary guitarist Sotos Gogos (surely one of the top class musicians from Thessaloniki - Greece) plus the mastermind of legendary Greek Progsters Horizon's End on keyboards. Yes Sakis Bandis is back in action and his performance on the new Star. gate will blow your mind away. On vocals? You will hear THE voice of John Jeff Touch (ex-Vision). Album's artwork is done by Caio Caldas and yes it couldn't be better. If you still in the quest for some exciting music that combines Melodic and Neoclassical Metal, if the performance of excellent musicians really matters to you and if bands like Royal Hunt, Rainbow, Magnum, Rising Force

Dimitris Tiktopoulos (vocals), Anthimos Manti (guitars), Kostas Domenikiotis (bass), Andreas Paraponiaris (keyboards) and Stelios Sioulas (drums). The band’s sophomore album entitled “Reborn” is due in Mai 2013. The group’s style is mainly melodic hard rock with neoclassical leanings.
StarGate One

Magnificent Greek project made up of members from other bands. Members include: Kostas Domenikiotis (Bass, Uthull), Sakis Bantis (Keyboards, Horizon’s End and Uthull), Dimitris Tiktopoulos (Vocals, Medivial and A Band On) and Anthimos Hatziioannidis (Guitar, A Band On). Some of the song titles: ‘Warrior’, ‘Summernights’, ‘Alive’, ‘Don’t Give Up Hope’. Stargate’s style is melodic heavy/power for fans of bands like Royal Hunt, Talisman, and Ten.

© Line up of the band 2024

Kostas Domenikiotis composer bass player

My musical studies began in 1984 at the New Conservatory Of Thessaloniki and then moved on to the Contemporary Conservatory. I ve attended seminars of various great musicians such as John Patitucci, Tom Kennedy, Stuart Hamm, Greg Howe. In the April of 1999 I was featured in the pages of the American magazine BASS PLAYER as part of their scouting report.I am the former of the bands UTHULL,STAR.GATE and D&D.Throughout the years I have opened shows in Greece for various influential artists such as Paul Gilbert (MR.BIG), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Jeff Scott Soto, Uli Jon Roth and Eric Martin . I am also the bass player in Kostas Milosis solo band as well as session musician for various groups in Thessaloniki. For the last twenty years I ve been teaching electric bass in various conservatories in Thessaloniki.

Bandis Sakis Keyboards

Bandis Sakis Keyboards Sakis Bandis has been dangling with sound-making toys since childhood and hasn't stopped even now that he's approaching midlife! A versatile player and composer, mainly in the areas of rock and metal, where apart from his Star.gate credentials, he's also a member of Greek progsters Horizon's End, he also dabbles in orchestral music and fusion/jazz, the latter showcased in prog/fusion trio Uthull, in conjuction with Star.gate mastermind Kostas Domenikiotis. New compositions, performances and a search for new sonic vistas are his always-seeking goals.

Manos Fatsis singer the new album features vocals by the band’s new singer, Manos Fatsis. Through his excellent voice Manos is taking the music of Star.Gate to the very next level! Manos was born in Athens (Greece) in 1977. He began singing and writing songs for his first band called Scarlet Sky back in 2000 and until 2009 he joined several bands but none with an official recording. In 2009 he joined the live hard rock cover band “Badcase”, but only in 2012 after joining the greek Metal band “Dark Nova”, he was able to have his first official album release with a band. In 2013 Manos moved to Germany and he joined the german old school metal Band “Devilusion” who released their unique official EP in 2005. After moving to Germany, he started working as a session Singer for several Bands and Projects, like Odyssey Desperado and City of Lights, with his latest participation on the latest album of the Band “Star.Gate” which was released in 2024.

Manos Fatsis Singer

Anthimos Manti Guitars

Anthimos Manti is a session and touring guitar player. He performs around 80-90 concerts per year And has toured in Greece, over Europe, North America and Australia. Manti got his very first record deal with ‘Steel Gallery Records’ in 2004 and released his first album with The band ‘Star.Gate’ which landed him the cover of rock hard Greece magazine. Until 2010 released two guitar instrumental albums with the same Record Company, ‘Alligator Lick’ and ‘Time To Turn’. In 2011 Anthimos join the band of ‘Prassein Aloga’ and make a record deal with Italian ‘Heart Of Steel Records’ for the album ‘Midas Touch’ with PAUL DIANNO (Ex. IRON MAIDEN Singer) on vocals. In the same year make 2 gigs as Anthimos Manti Band for support to PAUL GILBERT and VINNIE MOORE. Manti play guitar as session for the PAUL DIANNO Greek tour. In 2013 Anthimos received one of his biggest personal donors when the Eurovision winner HELLENA PAPARIZOU chose him to playing the six string for the USA tour shows and on PARAMOUNT MOVIE STUDIOS placing him in front of some of his biggest crows. 2014 Anthimos record two more albums, one personal instrumental called ‘Fake Woman’ and one With ‘Star.Gate’ called ‘Reborn’. 2015 Anthimos join in the same stage in concert with MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO in Eightball Club Thessaloniki as support band. 2016 Manti make the 4th album called ‘Dark Obsession’ and the first tour in Romania. 2017 Manti band be in the same stage as guest support for legendary GRAHAM BONNET BAND and GUS G (OZZY OSBOURNE, FIREWIND Anthimos continues the touring and album releases until 2024

Stergios Kourou Drums

Stergios Kourou is regarded by many as one of Greece's most gifted metal drummers. It is important to note that he is a well-educated musician and the author of numerous songs that have been released under WARDRUM and HORIZON’S END names. Overall, Stergios has recorded over 20 albums to date in a variety of genres, including instrumental, rock, pop, metal, and pop, either as a full member or as a session player with multiple bands. Alongside this, Stergios collaborated with a number of highly well-known musicians, including guitarists Kosta Vreto (of Wardrum, Horizon's End, Jaded Star), Gus G (of Ozzy Ozbourne, Firewind), and Michael Boremann (of Jaded Heart, Bonfire, Redrum. In a parallel course, Stergios also worked with some very popular artists, like guitarist Kosta Vreto (Wardrum, Horizon’s End, Jaded Star), Gus G (Ozzy Ozbourne, Firewind), Michael Boremann (Jaded Heart, Bonfire, Redrum) and toured/performed live in Europe as a headliner with Wardrum, and as an opening act for bands like RONNIE JAMES DIO, MOONSPELL, PAIN OF SALVATION, CRIMSON GLORY, THERION, U.D.O., PRIMAL FEAR, SABBAT, HEIR APPARENT a.m.m. Additionally, Stergios appears in the "Complete Drum Recording" instructional DVD from "Sonic Ark Studios," which teaches fundamental drum set recording methods for a variety of musical genres. The Metal drum kit recording method is covered by Stergios. Stergios is also a drum teacher.

Eleni Roumpi is a poet and songwriter from Thessaloniki, Greece. From a very young age she started composing songs and poems as well as writing stories. Her poems are inspired by dark romance, the contrast between light and darkness, the eternal hope of conquering an ideal and the inner experiences that make a person overcome life's difficulties. Her love for art and her need to express what words could not say led her to music and her association with Kostas Domenikiotis. She studied bass with him for three years, developing her musical education and investing in classical music. Through this precious collaboration began her journey with Star.Gate and her lyrical participation in the album "The Dream", "Unbroken Diamond" and "Ecaping the Illusion".

Eleni Roumpi Lyricist

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